[Nottingham] Ubuntu Sparc

Paul Sladen notlug at paul.sladen.org
Wed Apr 6 09:33:10 BST 2005

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Simon Osborne wrote:

Hello Simon,

> Does anybody know if there is a version of Ubuntu for Sparc64?

IIRC Sparc userland is 32-bit regardless of whether the Linux kernel is
64-bit or not.  That may have changed recently.

> The only thing I've found is a repositary for sparc but I do not know if
> this is official or unofficial.

It exists:

It will likely never be 'offical', however, as you've probably noticed it
has a *.ubuntu.com domain and 'fabbione' who did the port is the kernel-lead
for the Ubuntu team...

> I'd like to try this out on a Sun Ultra.

Enjoy it!

I didn't know it snowed here!  Groningen, NL

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