[Nottingham] Ubuntu Sparc

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Wed Apr 20 15:06:55 BST 2005

Paul Sladen wrote:

> It exists:
>   http://sparc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-sparc/dists/hoary/main/installer-sparc/current/doc/manual/en/
> It will likely never be 'offical', however, as you've probably noticed it
> has a *.ubuntu.com domain and 'fabbione' who did the port is the kernel-lead
> for the Ubuntu team...

I sat and talked to Fabbione about this in the back of a Barcelona taxi 
sometime back in December. It's not going to be officially supported and 
was just something he wanted to do in his spare time - similar other 
ports exist. There's probably little commercial use for such work.


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