[Nottingham] ATX2 argh!

Michael Simms michael at tuxgames.com
Thu Apr 28 12:05:08 BST 2005

Hi guys,

Im at my wits end, Ive been learning all about how ATX isnt ATX any more

It seems there is now 'ATX2' which is being used on new xeon
motherboards. I foudn this out when I bought a case for a new server,
and it didnt have enough pins on the power supplies for the motherboard.
So, I thought 'must be something about needing a 600W power supply, I'll
get a new 600W power supply. This arrives and again, wrong number of
pins. So, I do a bit more research...

Now new ATX motherboards need 24 pin main power and 8 pin 12v power


So, Ive been looking round nottingham and cant find ANYWHERE that will
sell it, nowhere at all. Does anyone know of a shop I could try that
will see me a) a 20 pin to 24 pin converter and b) a 4 to 8 pin

I have tried maplins, they have them  backordered, mid-may expected, I
tried a few locals most of them werent even aware of them, beyond 2000
doesnt answer the phone, I even resorted to pc world and nothing. I
really would like to try and get this sorted today - Ive had this damned
server now for over a week and been unable to use it for one reason or

(its been suggested just get a new PSU that supports the correct pinning
- I would but they START at 120 pounds. I dotn think so!)

Any suggestions, a computer shop I dont know of that may sell them, Id
be very appreciative...



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