[Nottingham] SUSE linux 10 and a wireless LAN - help?

Iain Lennon ril at doctors.org.uk
Tue Dec 20 07:21:50 GMT 2005

On Monday 19 Dec 2005 21:33, Godfrey Nix wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just been asked by a friend to help with a new SUSE installation
> he has set up on his computer. It is now dual Windows/SUSE 10 booting.
> The problem is the wireless lan connection. How do I configure it and
> how to check the configuration is working? (Apart from ping, which does
> not reply).

I'm not much good with SUSE but some general suggestions

	Quite good for wireless card configuration under KDE. Gives some visual 
feedback as to whether the connection works.

From the command line, iwconfig is the equivalent of ifconfig for wireless 
networks. Check to see if the ESSID is the same as you expect. You'll also 
note that it shows the wireless security settings. Is WEP or WPA turned on on 
the hub...? Finally it gives you a numerical "link strength" indicating 

The hub will almost certainly be acting as an Access Point, therefore use 
managed mode.

What wireless card are you using on the computer?
Any messages in syslog?

I've found a usefull device from belkin (Part # F5D7330uk), designed for PS2 
but works on my network: it routes a normal ethernet connection out onto the 
wireless network, which has dramatically reduced my efforts at configuration, 
as once it's set, I can connect anything to it

Iain Lennon

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