[Nottingham] Some fun with the "free" VMware Player

Michael Leuty mike at leuty.net
Thu Dec 22 13:04:21 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 11:47 +0000, Johannes Kling wrote:
> VMWare emulates an
> entire computer, UML "just" lets you run a kernel image (and wouldn't,
> for example, let you run Windows or any other non-linux OS). 

Does all this emulation help in running Windows applications under
Linux? I'd like to convert all the church office clients to Linux but
there are a few Windows apps which have to be run on at least one of
them (for accounts, and so on).

During experimentation at home I have found that Crossover Office is
very good for MS Office, Internet Explorer and Quicken (which are the
only Windows apps needed at home), but won't support the more
specialised Windows apps used at the office.

I found the original Win4Lin very good at running Windows 98, but the
requirement for a special kernel was too fiddly.

I have experimented with the new version of Win4Lin which tries to run
Windows 2000 (using a version of qemu, I believe), but it seems a bit
flaky and slow.

All comments or advice welcome.  :-)


Michael Leuty
Nottingham, UK

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