[Nottingham] startx problem in a new Debian install

Matt Bunter matt.bunter at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 2 22:39:57 GMT 2005

> > 
> > xfree86-common
> > 
> > BUT, I have no startx file on the system. Under /usr/X11/bin I only have
> > icewm files and none of them are readable. 100% sure that $PATH isn't the
> > issue either.
> The XFree86 system has a *lot* of components. Simply installing a window 
> manager probably won't install a full-blown X server for you (bear in mind 
> that I have very little Debian experience) as a WM can be used on a remote X 
> server.
> I'd hazard a small guess that you'll be needing to install xserver-xfree86 in 
> order to get a working X server...

You were right Graeme, I needed to get x-window-system (apt-get.org came to the rescue). Apt decided that 76M of other stuff had to come down the pipe as well. Once installed a startx and I was in IceWM. Ahhh, I missed it.

Now to get a decent sources.list sorted, security updates done, Firefox installed, and I'll be ready.

Cheers for the help.


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