[Nottingham] This could spell trouble for us!?!?

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 13:52:48 GMT 2005

On Friday 11 March 2005 10:27, Craig Lynch wrote:
> http://www.againsttcpa.com/what-is-tcpa.html
> And here's me thinking that Intel, AMD, IBM and HP were all Linux friendly
> companies

Only when it suits them. Long live the analogue hole!


Although we modern persons tend to take our electric lights, radios, mixers,
etc., for granted, hundreds of years ago people did not have any of these
things, which is just as well because there was no place to plug them in.
Then along came the first Electrical Pioneer, Benjamin Franklin, who flew a
kite in a lighting storm and received a serious electrical shock.  This
proved that lighting was powered by the same force as carpets, but it also
damaged Franklin's brain so severely that he started speaking only in
incomprehensible maxims, such as "A penny saved is a penny earned."
Eventually he had to be given a job running the post office.
  -- Dave Barry, "What is Electricity?"

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