[Nottingham] Re: NTL speed increases

Michael Quaintance penfoldq at penfoldq.co.uk
Sun Mar 20 15:17:41 GMT 2005

A quick whois on autoregister.net returns the following info:
    Caradog House
    Cleppa Park
    Newport, Gwent np10 8ug


    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
       NTL  (COH2-ORG)           hostmaster at NTL.COM
       NTL House
       Dunleavy Drive Cardiff, UK CF11 0WW
       +44 2920 305000 fax: +44 2920 305282

    Record expires on 11-Jun-2005.
    Record created on 11-Jun-1998.
    Database last updated on 20-Mar-2005 09:52:16 EST.

So no need to worry about a phishing scam.

Additionally, if you add or amend any ntlworld pop3 mailboxes, register  
a new account or otherwise change your package details, it is all done  
through autoregister.net anyway.

In the past, all of these changes have been automatic. If, like me, you  
are on their 24.99 pcm package, your speed will automatically be  
increased when your UBR is uprated. It is simply ntl's way of  
maintaining competitive pricing. In a similar way, your t&c's are  
automatically updated. They publish these amendments on their  
ntlworld.com site and it is assumed (due to a bit of legalese in the  
original and all subsequent versions) that you agree to these  
amendments. If not, your only recourse is cancellation of the service.  
However, if you were still within your 12 month contract, you could  
cancel with no penalty as they have changed the contract, not you.

As has been said in this thread previously, it is highly unlikely that  
anyone but the worst offenders will be subject to the cap. In addition  
to the previous suggestions of legitimate uses of high downstream  
traffic and the proliferation of belgians trying to give me the mydoom  
virus, I have recently taken to watching streamed TV from around the  
world. It is helping my learning of German and the Czechs have a really  
great music tv channel.

A sustained 300kbps + email and web surfing, uses up 1Gbit in less than  
an hour. Or less than 8 hours if it is read as 1 GByte. Add to that a  
few decent sized downloads and you can bust the 1 GByte per day easily.  
If it is only 1 Gbit, that's little more than a decent news programme  
as a language resource. Not to mention my (fictitious but plausible)  
German pen pal who uses her webcam to help me with my listening and  

But despite my dislike of ntl's t&c's, I'm likely to be staying with  
them in the short term. At least until the Stapleford exchange is  


On 20 Mar 2005, at 14:05, James Gibbon wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:11:16 +0000
> Simon CY <flibble at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Might be of use to some of you.
>> NTL have boosted the speed of the broadband products. The new speed
>> and prices are as followed:
>> 1Mb Broadband - £17.99 - 3Gb per month download cap
>> 2Mb Broadband - £24.99 - 1Gb per day download cap
>> 3Mb Broadband - £37.99 - 1Gb per day download cap
>> You can upgrade online free of charge at the following URL:
>> https://autoreg.autoregister.net/cgi/cabletier? 
>> cust=ntworld_tiermigration
> Is this definitely legit? I'm on the £24.99 / month service at the
> moment, and can live with a 1GB / day download cap - but I've never
> heard of autoregister.net & I'm not too happy about typing my
> id & password into their web form.
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