[Nottingham] Re: NTL speed increases

Luke Dolman luke.dolman at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 20 20:20:37 GMT 2005

> A sustained 300kbps + email and web surfing, uses up 1Gbit in less than  
> an hour. Or less than 8 hours if it is read as 1 GByte. Add to that a  
> few decent sized downloads and you can bust the 1 GByte per day easily.  
> If it is only 1 Gbit, that's little more than a decent news programme  
> as a language resource. Not to mention my (fictitious but plausible)  
> German pen pal who uses her webcam to help me with my listening and  
> speaking.
> But despite my dislike of ntl's t&c's, I'm likely to be staying with  
> them in the short term. At least until the Stapleford exchange is  
> unbundled.
> -Penfold

As a clarification, data transfer rates deal with bits,data storage with 
A download cap is a limit to the quantity of data that can be obtained, 
not the speed, therefore it *should* be expressed in (giga)bytes.
Any indication from NTL that the limit is 1 Gbit can be safely assumed 
as a (somewhat stupid) typo.

On another note, top posting == evil :)

Hope this was informative...


Disclaimer: IAMNAEBIPOOTV (for the slashdotters...)

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