[Nottingham] Re: Making PCs from parts

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Wed Mar 23 19:42:43 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 23 Mar 2005 17:52, Simon Osborne wrote:
> For local, Web-Systems in Bulwell http://www.web-systems.co.uk

More than one person have recommended them: does anyone know if they are 
Linux-savvy?  That is, if I wer to buy a PC from them and ask whether it's 
all Linux-compatible, would they know, or do I need to get the full gory 
details of each component and check first? 

(I notice that they don't seem automatically to include a Windows load with 
their PCs, but on the other hand their software list only lists Windows 

David Aldred

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