[Nottingham] Local RPM repository

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Thu Mar 24 22:39:34 GMT 2005


With three machines in the house now on Mandrake Linux, and with NTL's 
download cap in mind quite apart from simple public-minded considerations of 
not overloading servers!), it seems a good idea to have one of the local 
machines as an rpm repository for the others.  If there's a particular update 
we want on any or all of the machines, download it to the local repository, 
and update the others from there, rathe than downloading it three times.

Has anyone come across documentation on how to do this?   I may be asking 
Google the wrong things, but it hasn't found much useful. 

The ideal would probably be that the main machine did something like an auto 
update via urpmi regularly, but as well as installing updates, stored the 
rpm's locally.    The other machines could then do their auto updates from 
that staorage location....

David Aldred

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