[Nottingham] Re: Local RPM repository

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Fri Mar 25 11:27:15 GMT 2005

On Friday 25 Mar 2005 01:21, Martin wrote:
> David Aldred wrote:
> [...]
> > machines as an rpm repository for the others.  If there's a particular
> > update

> Alternatively, you could use urpmi from the command line and use the
> "noclean" option. See man urpmi.

Hmm.   That idea is developing in my mind: use noclean, then have a cron job 
which moves any downloaded rpms to the repository and runs the thingy which 
creates the package listing.....  Could even be done from machines other than 
the main one (so if (eg) Peter updates his in some way, anything he's 
downloaded is moved to the repository directory on the main one)

I feel a scripting session coming on!

> (And if you download a DVD copy of 10.2, I'll be most interested (:-))

No such thing, nor ever will be by the look of it!


("Limited edition 2005"?   Surely simpler to have released 10.2 then made the 
naming/policy change!)

I'm unlikely to download the DVD version, actually: two machines here don't 
have DVD drives, and with one a laptop I'm not thinking of upgrading it!

David Aldred

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