[Nottingham] KDE 3.4 problems

Peter Aldred peter at aldred.org
Fri Mar 25 23:17:21 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I've just completed a KDE upgrade (3.2.3 -> 3.4) on Mandrake 10.1 and have 
run into a couple of problems:

The first I don't think is directly KDE-related, but may have come about as 
a result of some dependency upgrades. Having done the KDE upgrade from 
IceWM, I rebooted; when the login screen came up two things happened; 
first, all of the users on my pc were visible - root, clamav, etc, etc. 
Second, on entering username and pass and clicking 'login'. X would 
promptly crash, then restart, bringing up a fresh login screen. Any 
further attempt to login caused another crash, etc.

I discovered I could get round this by booting to runlevel 3, logging in at 
the prompt and running startx; this automatically also started KDE, which 
then ran fine (except one menu problem, see below). Trying again to boot 
straight to runlevel 5 caused the same problem as before.

I plan to compare rc3.d and rc5.d in an attempt to track down any 
differences and thus possible problems, but wondered if anyone could shed 
any light? Failing that, and any obvious problems between rc3/rc5, would 
it be possible to solve the problem simply by copying 3 to 5 and adding 
'startx' to the end, or would this cause more trouble?

The second problem concerns the K-menu. I'd had a minor problem with it for 
a while - the 'most used apps' section had disappeared from the top - but 
it wasn't too annoying, so I left it. When an earlier install of KDE3.4 
partially failed, however, it left the menu full of duplicate entries. 
After finishing a successful install, the duplicates remained, and a few 
vital programs were missing - KDE config, for example, and many of the 
other config utils. No issues show up in menudrake; it shows the menu as 
it should be, but saving it has no effect. I tracked the menu files to 
~/.config/menus, so I removed them in an attempt to force a rebuild, but 
no luck.  Anyone know how to make the menu reflect what menudrake sees?

I don't know if this is related, but in a couple of programs there are also 
duplicates on the alt-menus; for example, in Kontact, under 'Settings', 
the options 'Configure Kontact' and 'Select Components' appear twice. 

Any help much appreciated, thanks!
Peter Aldred

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