[Nottingham] Annoying mutt feature

Mike Cardwell lug at blubbernet.com
Mon Mar 28 07:46:55 BST 2005

I'm using mutt to read my email, and it connects to the local imap
server. The local imap server supports ssl. No matter what I do, I
can't seem to stop mutt from using ssl. The ssl negotiation delay is
causing me severe stress each time I start mutt. Anyone had any
experience of this before? Here's the relevant lines in my .muttrc:

set hostname="localhost"
set imap_user=MY_USERNAME
set imap_pass=MY_PASSWORD
set folder=imap://localhost:143/INBOX.
set spoolfile="{localhost:143}inbox"

At no place do I say to use ssl.

I'm using an up to date Debian Sarge system, with the stock mutt Debian
package (version 1.5.6+20040907)

Please help me before I do something stupid like write an imap proxy
which hides the TLS capability from localhost connections.

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