[Nottingham] Annoying mutt feature

Mike Cardwell mike at blubbernet.com
Mon Mar 28 20:17:25 BST 2005

* on the Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 09:36:33AM +0100, Rob Andrews wrote:

> > set folder=imap://localhost:143/INBOX.
> > set spoolfile="{localhost:143}inbox" 
> You might want to rethink these lines - mutt's operation works that it
> assumes all folders lie under the 'folder' root. And INBOX is no
> exception.

I never spent much time trying to configure up mutt. I just grabbed a
copy of someone elses muttrc and modified it.

> Thus, the folder namespace should be:
> set folder=imap://localhost/
> And the spoolfile should be:
> set spoolfile=+INBOX

It behaves completely different with those options. I don't know how to
get to any mailboxes other than the main inbox. I'll leave it as it was,
as it just works.

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