[Nottingham] Annoying mutt feature

Rob Andrews rob at impure.org.uk
Mon Mar 28 20:25:20 BST 2005

[28-Mar-2005 20:17.22 (BST) / Mike Cardwell]
 > > Thus, the folder namespace should be:
 > > set folder=imap://localhost/
 > > And the spoolfile should be:
 > > set spoolfile=+INBOX
 > It behaves completely different with those options. I don't know how to
 > get to any mailboxes other than the main inbox. I'll leave it as it was,
 > as it just works.

Ahh... actually, I hadn't considered that maybe that option will mean
that it expects all folders to lie within the root namespace, whereas
imap://localhost/INBOX will expect folders to reside underneath INBOX.


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