[Nottingham] Gaming problems

Dalkus dalkus at fyrelizard.com
Tue Mar 29 18:19:47 BST 2005


Seeing as the lanparty is almost upon us I could do with fixing some 
gaming problems I'm having.

I recently installed Ubuntu under which Americas Army and ET (both 3D 
games) are running terribly slowly and very jumpily. These games ran 
fine under my previous Mandrake instillation and also under windows.

I have tried using blackbox while gaming (I run gnome which hogs allot 
of my memory) to see if they would run a little smoother, but there was 
no improvement. I currently have the k7 kernel (686) and a 383 kernel on 
my box, both are version 2.6. The default kernel is k7 but I have tried 
running the games under both, both lagged the same.

Any advice/hints would be very welcome, thanks!

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