[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Matt nottlug at spandex.nildram.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 03:20:37 GMT 2005

> (Well, we do bother because we care.)


> NLUGdites: *** *So where are the other 397* *** ?

Speaking for myself.. not bothering cos I don't :)

Seriously.. it might be a massive thing in your life. It's not for
everyone, just some mail that arrives in another folder, along with a
range of other lists. Some of those lists concern things I care about
deeply, but you probably don't.

> No finger pointing, no excuses, accept that you have let down the
> LUG when you were asked for a VERY small time commitment.

Man.. I just clicked "subscribe" one day.  I didn't realise I'd "signed

I don't need an "excuse" not to participate or to offer help. I reply
on the list if I think I can help. If I don't, how about you assume I
can't and don't take it upon yourself to decide you're busier than me
and that I can and should help? If people feel that's a problem and
I'm somehow letting the side down then I'll happily unsub. I could
unsub *on* the awareness day if you'd like the irony really hammered

Sincerely hope it goes better than you're expecting.



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