[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Mike Cardwell lug at blubbernet.com
Thu Nov 3 11:31:21 GMT 2005

Michael Simms wrote:

>>You don't appear to understand the "real" function of the list. 
> Ahh your opinion stated as fact, good start.

That's because I consider my opinion in this circumstance to be fact. 
Most people on this list are here for the reasons I stated.

>>Regardless of whether or not you want it to be this way, people like my 
>>self sign up to LUG lists in order to learn technical information that 
>>would be useful to them at home and at work.
> So you want to take and not give. Life doesnt work like that sorry.

You snipped out the following and made an innaccurate claim about me: 
"We are hear to learn about Linux and to pass on useful information as 
long as it doesn't interfer with our daily routines." That is dishonest.

> So far you have (I find after a brief grep) asked the LUG for help nine
> times over the last 18 months, each time LUG members have jumped to your
> assistance. I dont really feel it is too much to ask you give something
> back.

I am happy to. But I am not interested at all in your awareness day. Who 
are you to choose how I contribute?

>>Insulting people will not help your cause.
> I dont recall me insulting anyone.

I find the following insulting: "To be quite frank, I am disappointed, 
bordering on disgusted with the LUG members, and this includes everyone 
on the list."

>>> Do you know - myself and a few others have invested a lot of time and
>>> effort into this awareness day. All we asked of the rest of you is a
>>> little bit of a commitment that would have taken 10 minutes of your
>>> time.
>> No I didn't know that, and frankly I don't care.
> I just hope that when you NEXT have ANOTHER question you need answering
> by the LUG, that the LUG members dont have the same attitude to you
> then, eh.

I help people with technical problems, and ask people technical queries. 
I don't ask them to do uninteresting things and then have a go at the 
list when no one does what I ask them to do.

>>> Martin has asked for people to let him know if they can do the awareness
>>> day on the Friday. How many people have come back to him and say they
>>> can? ZERO.
>> Yes. Are you starting to get the idea now?
> Oh Im starting to get a few ideas.

Yes. And this is not a problem with the list. This is a problem with 
your perception of what the list is.

>> Not justified. You've made a fool out of your self because you've wasted 
>> your own time and you're blaming everyone else.
> I did?

Oh yes.

> Interesting, I dont feel like I made a fool out of myself. I feel
> that Ive brought it to the attention of the LUG how so many people say
> 'yeah its a great idea' and they fail to get off their backsides to put
> their money where their mouth is.

It's the way you did it, not the fact that you did it. You sound angry 
and irrational and upset. You don't sound like a professional with an 
opinion to state.

> If you don't want to help, hey thats fine, but don't expect anyone else
> to help you in return next time YOU need it. It works both ways.

I'm not worried. Most of the 400 people on this list don't care about 
your opinion and will not take it into consideration. It's the nature of 
the list. They also don't care about my opinion. That doesn't bother me.


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