[Nottingham] Challenge-Response systems

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 12:30:20 GMT 2005

> Simon Huggins wrote:
>>Ha ha ha.  Michael Simms, the guy that started the long flame fest, has

To be fair on Michael, we all have our own opinions and enthusiasm and 
the stirring was a group effort.

A group of NLUG doers on Wednesday had one day left to "go" or "no-go" 
with the Awareness Days. You might call this a challenge-response ;-)

And Michael was the first to get home and get typing. I had a much 
slower bus ride.

We've had a response from the group, so now we know... (And some of us 
are doing, thanks.)


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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