[Nottingham] Challenge-Response systems

Derek Huskisson derek at huskisson.free-online.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 10:26:52 GMT 2005

On Friday 04 November 2005 09:32, Martin Garton wrote:
>. All they do is take a large inconvenience for the receiver
> (i.e. spam) and force a smaller inconvenience onto each sender instead.
> If everyone used challenge-response the overall inconvenience of using
> email would be worse than the burden of having to properly install and
> configure spam filtering.
      Couldn't agree more, spam is supposed to be over half of all email and 
all C-R systems do is play spam systems themselves increasing that 
proportion. It's just the modern day equivalent of the medieval practice of 
throwing the contents of your chamber pot onto the street. It eases your 
problem but just moves it onto other people.

I've only skimmed most of the last few days' posts (it's passed a wet Sunday 
morning), but it occurs to me that people who use C-R systems are just 
freeloading (one of the topics I've noticed) off the providers of mailservers 
(and not just their own),

		Derek Huskisson

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