[Nottingham] LUG Radio Live 2006

Michael Simms michael at tuxgames.com
Sun Nov 6 23:13:53 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 17:33 +0000, Paul Mellors wrote:
> Hay Michael
> Did you know you were on the list of suggested speakers?
> http://wiki.lugradio.org/index.php/LUGRadio_Live_2006_Speaker_Suggestions
> Paul

Interesting, it seems that someone under the username of AndyD, who I
can can only assume is one of the lovely people that sent me some
offensive email, decided to take my name off the list, quoting that they
should get someone who actually ports games to Linux (obviously the 10
Ive produced dont count) such as Sam Lantinga (who writes windows games
now) from Loki (who went out of business 3 years ago).

Nice one though, AndyD if it IS you, because I dont really like speaking
Michael Simms - CEO, Tux Games

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