[Nottingham] website - newbie page...?

David Wolfson eaxdrw at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 11 09:28:44 GMT 2005

I mention this to Robert a long time ago, and the last couple of posts have 
reminded me. Could there be 'newbie's' page on the website? I'm not too sure 
exactly what it should have but there are a few things/links that it seems 
would be sensible:

A guide to netiquette - I know they're out there, and a quick read can make 
newbie postings more rewarding all round.

A guide to linux lingo - what is a 'newbie' anyway?

where to find help - 'man', this list, google, google/linux (BIG fan)....

Some thoughts and experiences from newly fledged newbies - Happy to throw a 
few lines in here, and perhaps Pat and some others would too?

Try it - a link to a *easy* live CD so they can see what it's all about.

Which distro? - OK, so we all know there isn't a right answer to this one, but 
martin's pressentation earlier in the year gave me some good insight. A brief 
version of this and big letters saying 'whatever you can get hold of' would 
be fair wouldn't it?

What do y'all think? Here's a chance for all the lurking newbies to post their 
thoughts! I know I've often felt that I have very little to offer in terms of 
technical advice, but this is something that newbies can give back...


PS Is there a copy of the constitution available online? I only ask 'cos I had 
nothing to do with putting it together (I know - shame on me), and all of a 
sudden it occurs to me to see if newbies are mentioned at all....

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