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Fri Nov 11 12:07:43 GMT 2005

Dont forget the forums, theres a section dedicated to the LUG, if you 
need more
sections just ask


Quoting David Wolfson <eaxdrw at nottingham.ac.uk>:

> I mention this to Robert a long time ago, and the last couple of posts have
> reminded me. Could there be 'newbie's' page on the website? I'm not too sure
> exactly what it should have but there are a few things/links that it seems
> would be sensible:
> A guide to netiquette - I know they're out there, and a quick read can make
> newbie postings more rewarding all round.
> A guide to linux lingo - what is a 'newbie' anyway?
> where to find help - 'man', this list, google, google/linux (BIG fan)....
> Some thoughts and experiences from newly fledged newbies - Happy to throw a
> few lines in here, and perhaps Pat and some others would too?
> Try it - a link to a *easy* live CD so they can see what it's all about.
> Which distro? - OK, so we all know there isn't a right answer to this 
> one, but
> martin's pressentation earlier in the year gave me some good insight. A brief
> version of this and big letters saying 'whatever you can get hold of' would
> be fair wouldn't it?
> What do y'all think? Here's a chance for all the lurking newbies to 
> post their
> thoughts! I know I've often felt that I have very little to offer in terms of
> technical advice, but this is something that newbies can give back...
> Dave
> PS Is there a copy of the constitution available online? I only ask 
> 'cos I had
> nothing to do with putting it together (I know - shame on me), and all of a
> sudden it occurs to me to see if newbies are mentioned at all....
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