[Nottingham] Apache Questions + Logwatch

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 11 16:07:01 GMT 2005

On Friday 11 November 2005 15:20, Mike Haber wrote:
> Hi All,
> <signal>
> A couple of apache questions.
> First up, I'm serving pages from user-dirs on apache , ie out of
> /home/<username>/public_html. What would I add to the conf file to access
> the pages through www.site.com/<username> as well as
> www.site.com/~<username>?


> Second, I am running apache with suexec, and I'd like to have some stats as
> to how much time various scripts take and who ran them. I've look at
> process accounting (gnu acct), but it only seems to work for users who log
> on with a shell and run commands, not for commands su'd to users. Any
> ideas?

No, sorry Mike, none here (_had_ to respond even if no info: got flamed last 
NOT :) )

> Lastly, logwatch:
> the email I get from logwatch seem to be truncated after a certain number
> of lines. Any ideas how to stop this, or is it nothing to do with logwatch
> and everything to do with something else. </signal>

Again, not using it but perhaps due to log actually being truncated: logrotate 
technique used for those tailing an inode rather than a filename.

> <noise>
> I can see greens windmill from here. I think he's been doing some milling
> for the Awareness Day. Perhaps he been milling MS software cds while
> luggers dance aroung the windmill, whooping? And yes, I have some people in
> mind :-) </noise>

That makes some bad flour!

Michael Erskine.

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Mouse chewed through power cable

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