[Nottingham] Apache Questions + Logwatch

Mike Haber Mike.Haber at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 11 15:22:44 GMT 2005

Hi All,
A couple of apache questions.
First up, I'm serving pages from user-dirs on apache , ie out of /home/<username>/public_html.
What would I add to the conf file to access the pages through www.site.com/<username> as well as www.site.com/~<username>?

Second, I am running apache with suexec, and I'd like to have some stats as to how much time various scripts take and who ran them. I've look at process accounting (gnu acct), but it only seems to work for users who log on with a shell and run commands, not for commands su'd to users. Any ideas?

Lastly, logwatch:
the email I get from logwatch seem to be truncated after a certain number of lines. Any ideas how to stop this, or is it nothing to do with logwatch and everything to do with something else.

I can see greens windmill from here. I think he's been doing some milling for the Awareness Day. Perhaps he been milling MS software cds while luggers dance aroung the windmill, whooping? And yes, I have some people in mind :-)

thanks in advance
Mike H

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