[Nottingham] Thread #1: Apologies, NLUG, Awareness & Linux

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 00:34:29 GMT 2005

Martin wrote:
> Michael Simms wrote:
>> I'm sorry, but this email is not going to be a nice one.
> And sorry, I think Michael is being far too nice and British.

And thus there were a few fireworks as has happened on rare occasions.

 From this, after the maillist had been near dead for a while, there was 
some good discussion and at last some action. One poster asked about me 
resigning, there was (just the) one offlist poster of abuse demanding 
abject public apologies from me, and there was also a good range of more 
useful (positive) comments onlist and offlist.

A thread was started on the LUGRadio forums:
(Page one gives a few giggles, page two has a little discussion.)

Aside (and only coincidentally) this month's LUGRadio covers some 
associated issues:
and there is a similar thread in session on the Infopoints maillist that 
parallels (very politely) issues that we have experienced for the NLUG 
Awareness Days.

One apology I will make is that I didn't make more noise two or three 
weeks earlier to kick-start some action. My only excuse is that various 
more polite noises were being made by others offlist that suggested 
action would pick up, and I also have a life outside of NLUG.

Subsequently, a salvo of polite proddings, requests, and some pleadings 
from myself and others gained ZERO response. Also note that the 
Awareness Days are a group effort. The core NLUG "doers" had to commit 
to this event many months ago.

Sorry, I make no apology for the rant to kick-start some action.

I will say sorry to those sensitive to the terms used.

However, those that know for themselves that they are unreasonably 
freeloading get no apology. (Note: Regardless, those people are still 
welcome on the list and they are still welcome at any NLUG meeting. Such 
are the ideals of "FLOSS". Likewise, I can still have my personal views.)

And I hope others will be understanding of the context.

To avoid too big a posting, further discussion for NLUG and Linux are in 
follow on threads:

"Thread #2: NLUG": NLUG and what next.

"Thread #3: Awareness & Linux": What to do about 'Awareness'...

Let's keep NLUG _active_.


(Disclaimer: These are my individual personal comments and views only.)

FLOSS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOSS

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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