[Nottingham] Touchscreen under X

Michael Quaintance penfoldq at penfoldq.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 22:20:58 GMT 2005


I'm trying to get an old POS terminal to work as a touchscreen X-Server 
for playing music through my hi-fi.

It was sourced from eBay so there is no original documentation available 
and the ncr.com website is useless. Google has so far been my friend but 
is now letting me down so I am asking !lug for advice.

I've managed to get the machine to boot using PXE and load a minimal 
linux distro using the power of LTSP 4.1.1. I've got it running XDM and 
running apps on the server with local display but the touchscreen is 
proving more than a little awkward.

I believe the touchscreen is connected through the PS/2 port which is 
obscure enough that I can find no references to this in Google (serial 
and USB but no mentions of PS/2). If I "cat /dev/psaux" and touch the 
screen, I get lots of responses corresponding to my presses and drags.

When I set my XF86Config (3.3.6 SVGA driver) to use either Elo or 
Microtouch input drivers, I get a message from the X-Server "Unable to 
configure {Elographics,Microtouch} touchscreen port: Inappropriate ioctl 
for device"

I assume that this message means I am either specifying the wrong device 
for the touchscreen or the driver knows it is incapable of supporting 
the particular touchscreen chipset I have. From the Windows98 install 
that the terminal came with, I know it is a Microtouch device and does work.

Anyone got any ideas, suggestions, stabs-in-the-dark?

I'm willing to try just about anything to get this to work but I draw 
the line at spending any money. This project has cost enough as it is.

Thanks in advance.


PS I know this is yet another example of asking more questions than I 
have answered but hopefully anyone with any clues will forgive me and 
help anyway.

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