[Nottingham] Touchscreen under X

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 21:41:42 GMT 2005

Michael Quaintance wrote:
> Due to a lack of expansion options for this POS terminal, it is not 
> possible to connect cd/floppy to it to initiate an installation. The 
> hard disk it came with is a 2.5" laptop model and is noisy as hell. It 
> has Win98 on it and I don't wish to trash this in case I end up with a 
> completely unusable doorstop. I don't want to spend money buying a new 
> drive for this due to budgetary cutbacks.
> As for the dmesg. Well, the stripped-down environment provided by LTSP 
> doesn't have such luxuries as 'dmesg'. Almost all the standard utilities 
> it does have come from busybox to minimise the NFS traffic. However, I 

Indeed it does sound like the POS-box from hell ;-)

Any chance you might be able to squirt the logs out of a serial link or 
printer port or something?

Or even try some utilities via the Win98???

Good luck,

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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