[Nottingham] MRTG

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Thu Aug 3 23:52:04 BST 2006


On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 10:25 +0200, Johan Boshoff wrote:
> Thanks for your advice, but I can't seem to find the script you are
> talking about:

It was in my earlier email as an example.

> Then, I also saw in the html directory that there are no html pages, only
> pictures...  How do I start MRTG and will it update every 5 minutes after
> that?

You either need to run it from cron as an appropriate user, or run it in
"daemon" mode, configured as such. Either way it does strike me that you
really, really need to go read some background docs instead of simply
asking the list to tell you how to do stuff. You'll learn it much faster
that way instead of coming to rely on others for advice all the time.

For the record, in my crontab I have:

0/5 * * * * for x in /etc/mrtg/*.cfg; do /usr/bin/mrtg $x; done

Which runs an instance of MRTG against each config file in my conf
directory in directory read order, every five minutes.

> I have 4 IP addresses on my box.  1 Static and the other virtual.  So all
> is on eth0.  Will I still have to use the line above as eth1 or must I use
> both as eth0?

I moved interfaces on that system after starting data collection so it
was easier to change the target to eth0 than renaming all the files
generated prior to the changeround.

In your case, if it's all on eth0 then you simply amend the eth1 bits to


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