[Nottingham] Introduction

richard richard at tollyboy.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 22 20:54:06 BST 2006

Two problems that have me beaten at present, any help greatly appreciated.

Running Debian Sarge Stable.

I had K-mail and GnuPG working very nicely together then I did apt-get 
dist-upgrade and suddenly nothing works. (Silly me)

Kmail couldn't find  GnuPG to encrypt or sign the mail.
GnuPG couldn't find the keys

Checking GnuPG finds that it thinks the config file is bin and the home 
location is /usr
Reset that to pgp.conf and /home/richard/.gnupg

GnuPG now works just fine.
Kmail will now encrypt mail but cannot decrypt with the following error 

Encrypted message (decryption not possible)
Reason: Crypto plug-in "openpgp" could not decrypt the data.
Error: No data

Saving the .asc file and decrypting it with GnuPG works just fine.

Signing of mail fails with an unknown error.

Any ideas what is going on here. I can't find this problem on Google or 
anywhere else but it must happen to other people.

The other problem is getting DRI working on this card but I will fight with 
that a bit more myself to see what is going on.


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