[Nottingham] Into php5 and ajax

Michael Erskine michael.erskine at ketech.com
Wed Aug 30 14:24:55 BST 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 13:32, ricky at domainarena.net wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry for the condescending remarks gentlemen!

:) no worries Ricky you're willing to help and that's a Good Thing(TM).

At my company we've been using a Java applet based asynchronous webpage update 
mechanism for the past 5 years. I wrote it to achieve the exact same 
requirement that AJAX fulfils: avoiding those lengthy http POST page 
refreshes! Our (ahem, proprietary) system also talks to other back-end 
servers to provide various data feeds to web-based GUIs using Adobe SVG 
viewer and various Java applets.

Michael Erskine.

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