[Nottingham] Second Life - nlug invasion!

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 30 14:40:04 BST 2006


I've been mooching about in Second Life for a few days now and I've been 
having lots of fun. I've built a nice skateboard and earned L$16! I'd 
consider buying some land but it's a bit beyond my means at the moment.

I've been successfully using the Linux client 1.12.0(14) (Aug 25) on two 
modest spec machines: -

* 2GHz Athlon, 512Mb RAM, GeForce4mx - nvidia driver
* 1.7GHz Intel Centrino laptop, 256Mb RAM, i915M - i810 driver

BTW: On the laptop the Linux client out performs the Windows XP client!

I have just downloaded the latest version (1.12.0(51742) Aug 29) which 
apparently fixes sound. I'll be trying it out tonight so If anyone wants to 
meet up with me for an alternate virtual meeting, my SL avatar is Samson 

Michael Erskine.

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