[Nottingham] locate "better locate"

Roger Light rogerlight at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 15:38:42 GMT 2006

Hi there,

Here at work we have multiple unix machines and shared home
directories via nfs. I'd like to be able to use locate at every
machine and have it search the local filesystem as well as the remote
nfs shares. This is possible using locate by having each machine trawl
the entire nfs mount as well as its own drives - but it strikes me as
horrible on network and disk performance at the server end.

I was hoping that I could create a database of the remote drive on the
server and then locate could use both that and a local database to do
its searches. Locate doesn't seem to allow me to specify multiple
databases to search in though. I know that I can use --database to
specify a single database but this is inconvenient for everyday use. I
could always fudge an alias that runs locate twice, something like:

locate --database /path/to/local.db sausages
locate --database /path/to/remote.db sausages

but I thought I might as well ask if anybody could suggest other
search tools that might do what I want?



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