[Nottingham] wireless card which works with linux?

John Cremona john.cremona at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 20:07:01 GMT 2006

Can anyone recomend a wireless (PCMCIA) card which actually *works*
under linux on a laptop?

I have a cheapo NetVision 802.11b card but have so far failed to get
it to work using any of the following:

1. I found a linux driver for it but that would only allow itself to
be built with 2.4 kernels and I have 2.6 (debian with 2.6.14 to be
2. I tried ndiswrapper and the W*****s driver but it did not work
(kernel module inserts ok but cannot get a response from the card).
3. I tried DriverLoader with the same result as under 2.

I am quite prepared to buy a new card, perhaps an 802.11g one, but
would dearly love to know in advance that it would work, before I did

Hence the call for recommendations and any other relevant experience. 
I can give more info about this specific card if wanted.

John Cremona

PS Yes, the card does work in W*XP.

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