[Nottingham] Part time help

Robert Ross rross at dmu.ac.uk
Thu Feb 23 14:01:54 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,

Hope I can glean a little information concerning the working practices
within the linux community.  

I have the chance of offering a short term position (6 months) to someone
with sys admin experience.  It won't be full time either, about .35 or
nearly 2 days per week, but may extend further than the six months if we can
find the funds.  What would be the best way of offering this kind of post:
On a fixed day basis (state the days they should be working); or on a more
ad hoc basis (just do so many hours per week, as and when)?  

I am acutely aware that a part-time position will not attract the right kind
of person, so would like to offer terms that would best suit what 'normally'
happens out there, especially with people that may already be doing other

Finally, any pointers on where best to advertise this post? 

Any help appreciated,



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