[Nottingham] Shock news ... Windows vulnerability !

Kenneth Huggins ken-huggins at FSBDial.co.uk
Wed Jan 4 11:47:15 GMT 2006

My WinXP system suddenly developed a massive slow down in performance last 
Friday just as I was about to leave for Devon.  I returned yesterday evening 
to find that whilst the system will eventually boot it takes it's time ... 
like 13 minutes, which is a bit slower than I've been used to with a 3.4GHz 
processor.  I'm limping along with it at the moment, and will investigate 
when time allows.  My Norton AV is fully up to date and can find no viruses. 
In the meantime I've been sent the following info by a chum which might be 
of interest to those of us who find ourselves tied for whatever reasons to 
Billy Gates' cash cow.


P.S.  Beer and pizza ... almost as good as beer and curry !  I shall think 
of you enjoying yourselves while I'm working this evening. 

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