[Nottingham] [Social] TOMORROW! Wed 04/01/2006 Pizza

Michael Erskine perl at tecspy.com
Fri Jan 6 23:05:41 GMT 2006

patrick gustafson wrote:
> Thanks for a fun gathering yesterday, it was good to see you all. No 
> problem understanding the fast english geek-talk, hope you all 
> understood my english american accent. Im still tired now afterwards, 
> almost slept at work. I will definitely join next one.

Hi Patrick,
Good to meet you the other night.

> I talked about the new GP2X Linux Based Console, well, I have one, paid 
> £175 for console+1gb-sd-memory-card+transport, and wanna spread the 
> word. Here are some links for more information.

I'm definitely going to get myself one of these beautiful objects. I'll 
port Perl to it if nobody has done so already -- I have some games in 
SDL/Perl that I'd like to port!

Michael Erskine.

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