[Nottingham] A Linux Christmas Webcam

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 02:32:00 GMT 2006

To answer my own questions, some time long later!

Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> What's a good current usb webcam that is supported by the 2.6.x series 
> kernels?
> Preferably 300k+ pixels, colour, and microphone...
> Are there any webcams that offer 1024x768?

Firstly, beware the webcams that 'claim' to give "1024x768". The one's 
I've seen are all interpolated up from a lower resolution. You need to 
find a digital _camera_ that also functions as a webcam for true raw 
1024x768 pixels or better.

Generally, the CCD sensor webcams are much better image quality than the 
much cheaper CMOS sensor webcams.

> There's the lists at:
> http://www.linux-usb.org/devices.html

A good list is at:


 From that, the more well known makes sold around here are:

Creative NoteBook PD1170 	Webcam VGA PD1170
Creative NX Pro PD1130 	Webcam VGA PD1130
Creative NX Pro PD1131 	Webcam VGA PD1131
Creative 	PC-CAM 880 	PC-CAM 880 in webcam mode
Creative 	Webcam Notebook PD1171 	Webcam PD1171, vendor id Logitech, 
made in korea
Creative 	Webcam NX Pro PD1130 	webcam
Creative 	Webcam NX Ultra 	Model N PD1120

Creative Labs 	WebCam Plus (Model CT6840) 	640x480 OV511+/OV7620 based 
Creative Labs 	WebCam Plus (Model PD0040) 	352x288 OV518/OV6630 camera
Creative Labs 	WebCam Pro eX 	model PD1050

D-Link 	DSB-C100 	352x288 OV511+/OV6620 based webcam
D-Link 	DSB-C300 	ov511 based 640x480 webcam !!!

Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks
Logitech Quickcam Orbit
Logitech 	Quick Cam Messenger 	Logitech QuickCam Messenger with built-in 
Logitech 	QuickCam Chat 	QuickCam Chat Webcam
Logitech 	Quickcam Communicate 	webcam with built-in microphone
Logitech 	QuickCam Express
Logitech 	Quickcam Express (2003+ newer model) 	Quickcam Express 046d 0920
Logitech 	QuickCam for Notebooks Pro 	QC NB PRO model 961240-0403
Logitech 	Quickcam pro 3000 	Logitech Quickcam pro 3000
Logitech 	QuickCam Pro 4000 	Webcam (VGA CCD sensor) with built-in 
Logitech 	QuickCam Zoom 	Web-camera with built-in microphone.

Mercury 	2.1 Deluxe Classic Cam 	Digital camera
mercury 	mercury pocket digital camera

Philips 	PCA645VC 	Webcam
Philips 	PCA646VC 	Webcam
Philips 	PCVC665K 	USB VGA Camera
Philips 	PCVC675K 	Webcam
Philips 	PCVC680K 	Webcam
Philips 	PCVC690K 	Webcam
Philips 	PCVC720K 	ToUCam XS, OV518 based 352x288 webcam
Philips 	PCVC740K 	ToUcam Pro webcam (up to 640x480 pixel)
Philips		PCVC750K 	webcam / audio 	Webcam
Philips 	PCVC820K 	ToUcam II 00 	OV518 based 352x288 webcam
Philips 	PCVC830K (ToUcam FUN II) 	silver with black elliptical inset 
around lens and usb microphone
Philips 	PCVC840K 	ToUcam PRO II

Trust 	Spacec at m 100 	Usb Webcam
Trust 	SpaceC at m 200 	webcam
Trust 	Spacec at m Lite 	Trust.com's Webcam (cheap version)
Trust 	Spacecam 320 	Budget USB webcam
Trust 	SpyC at m 300XS 	Detachable webcam

Check the database for any recent driver comments for the one you choose.

Hope that saves others a bit of searching.


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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