[Nottingham] New Year, New Calender, New Venues

Kenneth Huggins ken-huggins at FSBDial.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 01:42:25 GMT 2006

1. Sherwood (what venue?) ... how about my girlfriend's house, then we could 
perhaps use setting up Linux on her computer as a bit of an exercise to 
teach us Newbie's a thing or two (;o)) ... OR (seriously) how about a room 
at The Place, 2a Melrose Street (behind the old Sherwood Bus Depot on 
Mansfield Road) which is a community facility where we might be able to hire 
a room for a reasonable rate ?  I'm happy to ring them to ask about prices.

3.  Weekends are my only opportunity to see the aforementioned girlfriend 
... and whilst not exactly The Anti Geek, she doesn't really understand how 
anyone can actually be interested in doing things with computers other than 
switching them on and using them as instructed in the Billy Gates manual.

4. "Try for a few visits to places/establishments of interest" ... like my 
girlfriend's house ? (only kidding !!)

5.  "Cheese and Wine social open to all" ... hmmm, she might fall for that 
one !

8.  "Any other ideas ?" ... umm ... err ...

"Next talk is Wed 18/01/2006 at the Star Inn, Beeston  ... " ... bugger, I 
already have four paying clients booked in that evening so won't be able to 
get there until too late !

Sorry all, not much bloody use am I.

Ken Newbie 

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