[Nottingham] Is NottsLug still here?

pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 13 06:54:09 GMT 2006

Excuse the subject heading as I found out that my mail has been diverted 
to another email address and I've just managed to find out why my email 
(below) couldn't be sent before I went to work. So, as I am V tired, I'm 
sending the original message I wrote earlier and now trying to catch up 
with around 13 days worth of messages. I thought it was a bit quiet on 
here :-)) ...Anyway...

Just checking that I am still recieving mail from the Nottslug as it has
been V quiet since xmas.

Anyway, on a Linux related issue, in last months Linux Format LXF75 
(which I have only just finished reading), there was a section on Squid. 
I am
still very new to Linux but I found the article really informative and 
easy to follow so I
will attempt setting up my on proxy server in the near future. It got me
thinking though... due to my work, unfortunately, I haven't been able to
get to any of the meets. I miss out on alot of info and seeing Linux in
practice. But with articles such as the one in LXF could it be added to
a section on the lug website for people to refer to - copyright
permitting etc? it seems a shame that this avenue dosn't seem to be used
as yet. I have checked the various links on the lug pages but there are
no 'How to's' as yet. May be the members could submit links or info to
be added the the how to section so that we can all benefit when there is
a subject that is really well presented. This could include the
awareness days, e.g. a summary of the event with info on where to get
more info and a 'How to'. It will probably be alot of work and probably
isn't practical but I thought I would send my thoughts anyway.

Hope everyone had a good xmas and best wishes for the year ahead (a
little late but the thought still counts).


- Infothought -
Still aiming to be totally running Linux only by summer this year. Can't
decide on either SUSE or Ubuntu so using both!

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