[Nottingham] Is NottsLug still here?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Jan 16 16:20:39 GMT 2006

Yes, NottsLUG is still very much here and active.

The lug.org.uk mailman is impossibly slow (by a few hours delay) but 
we're certainly here.

pat wrote:
> sending the original message I wrote earlier and now trying to catch up 
> with around 13 days worth of messages. I thought it was a bit quiet on 
> here :-)) ...Anyway...

Sorry, no flame-fests yet ;-P

> Anyway, on a Linux related issue, in last months Linux Format LXF75 
> practice. But with articles such as the one in LXF could it be added to
> a section on the lug website for people to refer to - copyright
> permitting etc? it seems a shame that this avenue dosn't seem to be used
> as yet. I have checked the various links on the lug pages but there are
> no 'How to's' as yet. May be the members could submit links or info to
> be added the the how to section so that we can all benefit when there is
> a subject that is really well presented. This could include the
> awareness days, e.g. a summary of the event with info on where to get
> more info and a 'How to'. It will probably be alot of work and probably
> isn't practical but I thought I would send my thoughts anyway.

All good ideas and something that has been mentioned a few times. 
Especially for having a website section with the material from our many 

Well, one (or two?) brave souls started a website revamp complete with 
css and rounded corners to make things look very swish. We need to 
follow that up. Any web-Meister volunteers?

for what's been done thus far.

> Hope everyone had a good xmas and best wishes for the year ahead (a
> little late but the thought still counts).

Thanks, and I'm also still catching up from the Christmas break!

Hope to see you sometime.

> - Infothought -
> Still aiming to be totally running Linux only by summer this year. Can't
> decide on either SUSE or Ubuntu so using both!

Good luck,
and you have a choice!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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