[Nottingham] Re: Maildir on a different partition

Richard Street street2000 at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 13 23:35:32 GMT 2006

Peter Siepmann wrote:

> So, either I keep my system how it was (FAT32 partition mounted as a 
> subdirectory of my home) or use an ext3 parition to hold my data.  As 
> the machine is not dual-boot, I'd prefer to transfer over to ext3.  
> Just as soon, that is, as I work out how to split the VFAT in two and 
> reformat the empty half as ext3.  I guess Partition Magic will do that 
> for me.  So now I need to get the BIOS to boot from my dusty old 
> floppy drive.  At the moment it tells me that NTLDR is missing.  
> Anyone had that one before?!

Why not use a Knoppix boot disk, then load up QTparted? It works great 
(I've even done it successfully on NTFS file systems!). Just remember to 
unmount the partitions before using QTparted because knoppix auto-mounts 
them all.

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