[Nottingham] Re: Maildir on a different partition

Peter Siepmann peter at petersiepmann.net
Fri Jan 13 15:16:25 GMT 2006

The problem turns out to be much more fundamental than I originally 
thought: FAT32 does not support Unix-style permission/ownership 
information and hence you cannot use a FAT32 system for your home 
directory as many lock files and the like (.Xauthority being one of the 
most critical!) need the correct owner/permission.

So, either I keep my system how it was (FAT32 partition mounted as a 
subdirectory of my home) or use an ext3 parition to hold my data.  As 
the machine is not dual-boot, I'd prefer to transfer over to ext3.  Just 
as soon, that is, as I work out how to split the VFAT in two and 
reformat the empty half as ext3.  I guess Partition Magic will do that 
for me.  So now I need to get the BIOS to boot from my dusty old floppy 
drive.  At the moment it tells me that NTLDR is missing.  Anyone had 
that one before?!


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