[Nottingham] Dedicated hosting

john m howitt jmhowitt at mac.com
Fri Jan 27 15:46:20 GMT 2006

I have used Dedicated-Servers in Nottingham, same org as 123 for about 
4 years. When they were notts based it was a good service. They were 
taken over by Pipex some time ago and have dropped of since then. I had 
a crash and it took them 48 hours to get the machine back up and 
running with me making all the running. There response on why was weak 
and i had to pay £200 for the rebuild. They don't host in Notts anymore 
the severs (well at least mine) are in Manchester. I am at the moment 
moving my hosting of them.

I currently use a company down south Asuk / Dedi-Power and they are big 
enough to be secure but small enough that when you have a problem you 
can talk to the technicians to resolve the issue. It is automated and 
email driven but you do go to the technicians and are not filtered 
through an uncaring help desk.

john m howitt

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