[Nottingham] Getting Xgl to work

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Thu Jul 6 14:26:07 BST 2006

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> On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 14:10 +0100, Simon wrote:
>> From what I remember with my own system when trying XGL out a few
>> months ago is it doesn't work too well with older Nvidia cards. The
>> latest nvidia drivers definately do not support the Geforce2 MX400 on
>> Linux (but they do on Windows.. go figure) so you need to use the
>> Nvidia legacy drivers.
> Just a word or warning here.  At least one of our LUG members has been
> seeing machine lockups recently that have been confirmed as being caused
> by the nvidia legacy binary drivers.  YMMV.  Personally I would
> recommend against running any binary kernel module but others disagree.
>> If you really want XGL and at a decent speed, I suggest getting an ATI
>> video card. Anything 9550 or higher will work and I believe XGL will
>> even work with the free Xorg ATI drivers.
> Beware of ATI cards that are too new though - some are totally
> unsupported by xorg drivers because ATI have stopped releasing specs.
> The rumor is that this releasing of specs by ATI stopped around the same
> time that ATI won a contract to produce cards for a new console made by
> a well known vendor who also produces operating systems.

Not sure how old my video card is, but on my Vaio Laptop [nvidia] its 
working a treat, if anyone wants to see some XGL goodness, i'll try and 
bring the laptop to the next LUG meet.


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