[Nottingham] Getting Xgl to work

Martin Garton martin at stupids.org
Thu Jul 6 14:21:36 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 14:10 +0100, Simon wrote:

> From what I remember with my own system when trying XGL out a few
> months ago is it doesn't work too well with older Nvidia cards. The
> latest nvidia drivers definately do not support the Geforce2 MX400 on
> Linux (but they do on Windows.. go figure) so you need to use the
> Nvidia legacy drivers.

Just a word or warning here.  At least one of our LUG members has been
seeing machine lockups recently that have been confirmed as being caused
by the nvidia legacy binary drivers.  YMMV.  Personally I would
recommend against running any binary kernel module but others disagree.

> If you really want XGL and at a decent speed, I suggest getting an ATI
> video card. Anything 9550 or higher will work and I believe XGL will
> even work with the free Xorg ATI drivers.

Beware of ATI cards that are too new though - some are totally
unsupported by xorg drivers because ATI have stopped releasing specs.
The rumor is that this releasing of specs by ATI stopped around the same
time that ATI won a contract to produce cards for a new console made by
a well known vendor who also produces operating systems.


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