[Nottingham] Certification

Johannes Kling jok at printk.net
Wed Jul 12 11:12:00 BST 2006


> As it's vendor-and-distribution-agnostic it looks, on the face of it, 
> useful; however I can't find hide nor hair of it being used very widely...

Work likes to put people through it and while it's not quite as well
known as RHCE, for example, you'll be hard-pressed to find a
non-vendor specific certification that is more well known. The course
structure is a bit annoying (you /have/ to do LPI 1 before being able
to take LPI 2, for example), but other than that it's quite good.

You get to pick whether you want an "rpm-based or dpkg-based exam
(package manager related questions will almost exclusively come from
the one you pick, AIUI), so it does narrow things down to certain sets
of distributions at least; just something to be aware of.

> As with any cert scheme, I challenge list members to not disagree with 
> some of the sample questions & answers though!

Where's the fun in that :). 


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