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> Hello,
>> As it's vendor-and-distribution-agnostic it looks, on the face of it,
>> useful; however I can't find hide nor hair of it being used very 
>> widely...
> Work likes to put people through it and while it's not quite as well
> known as RHCE, for example, you'll be hard-pressed to find a
> non-vendor specific certification that is more well known. The course
> structure is a bit annoying (you /have/ to do LPI 1 before being able
> to take LPI 2, for example), but other than that it's quite good.
> You get to pick whether you want an "rpm-based or dpkg-based exam
> (package manager related questions will almost exclusively come from
> the one you pick, AIUI), so it does narrow things down to certain sets
> of distributions at least; just something to be aware of.
>> As with any cert scheme, I challenge list members to not disagree with
>> some of the sample questions & answers though!
> Where's the fun in that :).
> Regards,
>  Jo

Doesn't Ubuntu have certification exams now as well?

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