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I actually teach LPI for a company called Training Camp.  As with all
certifications, the value is not in the certificatio, but in the persons
ability to expand his knowledge from that the baseline of the certification.
Anyone can learn answers to the questions, but to understand answers is the
key to a good sysadmin.  If you want to know anything about the LPI cert
dont hesitate to ask.   It is a typical cert that cover a curriculum, some
stuff useful, other stuff you will never use.  With regards to vendor
neutrality, it does follow two major flavours i.e.
debian and redhat/fedora, but this is mainly only when it comes to package
management.  I try to teach it with respect to understanding the os from the
ground up, i.e. init upwards (inc grub/lilo) and follow it through the
inittab etc.  So regardless of distro, you can find the config files.  The
exam is all about knowing config files and command line, not about GUI


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Hello all

Has anyone done (or considered) the LPI certification scheme at all?


As it's vendor-and-distribution-agnostic it looks, on the face of it,
useful; however I can't find hide nor hair of it being used very widely...

As with any cert scheme, I challenge list members to not disagree with
some of the sample questions & answers though!


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